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Malgorzata Sanchez

Blue, gold & white abstract painting 36 x 24 inches - ready to ship

Blue, gold & white abstract painting 36 x 24 inches - ready to ship

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Unveiling a tranquil masterpiece that exudes serenity and elegance! Embodied with a calming aura, this artwork captures the essence of peacefulness through its textured portrayal of a serene blue sky adorned with delicate gold reflections that dance with light. The harmonious blend of soothing blues and glistening golds creates a visual symphony that instills a sense of calm and wonder. Meticulously crafted, this art piece arrives professionally stretched on a sturdy frame, presented without an additional frame, allowing you the freedom to select the perfect complement for this enchanting artwork, and bring an atmosphere of tranquility and refined beauty to your space

👋❤️ Handmade with Love 👋❤️ I've meticulously hand-painted this artwork using acrylic paints on canvas. It's been personally signed and dated, adding a touch of authenticity. 

Width: 24 inches / 60 cm

Height: 36 inches / 90 cm

Depth: 0,6 inches / 1,5 cm

🎨 A Masterpiece Like No Other! 🎨 This artwork is truly one of a kind – a captivating creation that's bound to leave an indelible mark. Secure this unique gem now, ensuring you don't miss out on owning something truly extraordinary.

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For my European patrons, the painting will arrive all set for display, equipped with convenient sawtooth hooks for easy hanging. Please note that it is unframed, allowing you the flexibility to choose a frame that complements your unique aesthetic. For those in other regions, the canvas will be thoughtfully detached from the stretcher, ensuring its safety during transit. You'll receive all the pieces of the stretcher and the rolled canvas, allowing you to personally re-stretch the canvas and experience the joy of finalizing your artwork.

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